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Designing Your Web Presence


Magic Web Solutions will custom design your web site to satisfy your business requirements.  I will work with you to define your requirements and come up with a cost effective solution.

Projects typically go through the following phases:

Phase 1 - Gather Requirements

I work with you to determine how the web site will meet your needs and how it will support your marketing plans.  I develop an initial plan and a preliminary estimate.

Phase 2  - Detail Design

Based on your requirements, I provide a more detailed design identifying the structure of the site, themes, illustrations, layouts of the different types of pages and navigation methods. I will make a final bid and if accepted I require 50% payment - the balance is due upon completion and customer acceptance.

Phase 3 - Development and Review

I develop a draft of the site and review this with you. This may take several iterations and approvals. I will modify the plan and your estimate if necessary. Search engine optimization is builit in from the beginning.

Phase 4 - Delivery

I deliver your site onto the production web server, register it in the larger internet search engines, and work with you to publicize the site. The balance of payment is due at this time.

Phase 5 - Maintenance

I work with you to develop a maintenance plan to keep your web site timely and interesting. This could vary from editing existing pages to adding new areas to the web site. I provide an estimate for proposed web site changes.


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