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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a web site, but am not happy with it, do you do web site makeovers?

Sure, most of our work involves redoing a current web site.  Web redesigns normally include the following:

  • Navigation improvements
  • Usability increase
  • Optimization of images (photos and graphics) to improve load time and quality
  • Optimize for search engine placement
  • More up to date look


So, what does it cost to get a web site set up for me?

See this page for a general idea.  To get the actual cost for your particular web site, drop me a note Email - magicwebsolutions@yahoo.comwith any ideas you may have (plus your questions), I will ask a few questions, then make you a bid. 

What do your current clients think about your services?

Customer satisfaction is what it is all about. If my customers are not happy - I am not happy... and I am always happy. I have never advertised - I get almost all my customers from referrals from happy customers. Feel free to contact any of my customers and ask them how they like doing business with me (Sandy Lockleer.)

What qualifications do you have?

I have worked in "computing" for over 37 years.  Most of that time has been at a very large aerospace company here in Seattle.  For the last 10 plus years I have been doing web and Internet related duties - designing web pages, teaching web classes, providing e-commerce solutions, search engine optimization, designing web graphics, web and Internet/intranet consulting, photography and marketing consulting.

I have owned four successful small businesses -  (2 ice cream businesses, a fly fishing retail store, and my web/photography business.)  There is nothing like experience.   As a small business owner you usually get very good at doing a lot of things - from accounting to marketing - you do it all.  I can help you and your business make your web site a valuable and financial rewarding tool.

So, if you work at a large airplane company, why would you want to run a Web Business too?

I really like what I do - and I am actually retired now. A key to running a successful small business is finding your niche - what is it that you do well and concentrate on that. Building and producing web sites, search engine optimization, Internet consulting / marketing and photography are the things I enjoy and have been successful at.

Why is the "requirements gathering" phase of web site design so important?

I want to ensure you get the web site you want and need for your business.

Building a web site can be compared to building a house (with a little imagination.) First you need to know what kind of house you want. How many bedrooms, how many square feet, how many bathrooms, how big will the kitchen be, how many stories - you get the idea. You need to get the requirements for the house before you start designing it.  Assumptions can be killers, missed requirements can be costly and ineffective.  That is why you ALWAYS want to get/give all your requirements up-front. I will help you do that.


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